The main area of’s activity is realizing international money transfers. "Dinamic Derivatives LTD" Port Vila Vanuatu, nr reg. 14763 has been continuously offering the short-term options based on currency markets as part of the project.
When you’re opening an account in our system (whether it’s the MAC address identified one, or the traditional, login & password one) it automatically creates the account used for money transfers (see the “money transfers” tab), but also makes a money account used for transactions on the derivative instruments market available for you. This account becomes available right when you first use the client application for making orders on the derivative instruments market offered by CSANI. Whenever you enter any of the transaction platforms from the “derivatives platforms” tab, all your assets from your current account will be transferred to the money account used for transactions on derivative instruments. When you close the client investing platform app, or when you’re making a withdrawal from the “CSANI money transfers” service, all your assets will automatically be transferred back to the “CSANI money transfers” current account.

About the investing platform

CSANI is the world’s first and largest provider of ultra short-term options in the currency market. Options offered by CSANI have a “European” life-span – you can’t close them before their time runs out, you can only do so when they are happening – and a discrete payment structure (every option has a finite amount of set payments).

Even though financial instruments that fit these description have been known in the finance market, CSANI is the first to dare this option with operating times of the 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 10 seconds, 5 seconds, and even (since June 2010) 1 second length.

Basically, our options are aimed at speculators using the so-called “technical analysis”. With them in mind, we made the base investment graphs of the options we offer available at our www investment platform. Observing the graphs, each speculator can now buy the CALL(*) option when he thinks the graph will “go up”, or the PUT(**) option, when he believes the graph will „go down”. The speculator chooses the amount of money that he plans to use on an option himself. He chooses the number of withdrawals the option offers, the duration of it, and the base instrument that specifies the money withdrawal of the option.

Our investment platform is aimed mostly at speculators that use technical analysis. But if we disregard the technical analysis as a method able to foresee (in any degree) the price motions, then we will see that short-term CSANI options are in fact the derivative instrument of the variability of currency quotes. Thus, if the base instrument will go through many fluctuations since the moment of completing a transaction on the CSANI platform, then the CSANI option will be more probable to achieve higher cash outs. Though, if the dynamic of the base instrument will be far below what we foresaw, then we might not have a chance for any sort of cash out. Keeping the speculators with a professional approach like that in mind (ones that want to rival CSANI in the area of foreseeing the future changes), we have platforms in our offer that, instead of the two buttons „BET+” and „BET-„ (used for buying the options CALL(*) and PUT(**)) use only one button - „BET”. This buttons function is dividing the current quota by two and simultaneously buying both the PUT and CALL options for appropriate parts of the divided sum. This way the short-term investor eliminates the risk related to his options exchange rate, saving only the withdrawal’s dependency on variability. It doesn’t matter if the base instrument goes “up” or “down”. All that matters is how far will it go from the exchange rate current at the moment of buying the option. Another convenience implemented in our www investing platform is the option to browse the history of quoting of every given base instrument and displaying the five last transactions on a graph. currently offers options for the underlying instrument which is the BTC / USD quotation. The price of the underlying instrument, i.e. cryptocurrency Bitcoin to the US Dollar, is taken as the average of the last transactions of several most popular BTC exchanges in the world. The list of exchanges and current rates can be checked using the provided tool on the right side of the tab "About Csani" which is entitled "Verification of the reliability of real-time data.

In June of 2010, in addition to introducing the 1-second options, we also introduced the visualization of withdrawals that use the „drums” known from hazard games. Some of our CSANI users found it boring to just stare at graphs, so we decided to show them something that better portrays the quality of their rewards. Five sevens in one row make a better impression on some people than small numbers next to a graph, and shows them their investment was a good decision. The “drum” games became very popular in CSANI since their introduction, but the platforms that bring in the largest amounts of money in CSANI are still the ones without the visualizations.

About is owned by "Dinamic Derivatives LTD", Govant Building, Port Vila, nr reg. 14763. Until recently our internal procedure narrowed the group of platform users to citizens of countries with no foreign investments ban. After introducing the “CSANI money transfers” service we allow opening accounts to these countries’ citizens, but they can not purchase any of financial instruments, offered by us - they can only use “CSANI money transfers” as a service.

Dionisij Ksani (, the creator and founder of the investment platform for ultra short options with discrete withdrawal structures is a Georgian financier. Ksani is globally known among investment platforms users for creating forex market maker platforms’ servers. He is also the author and holder of the presented project’s derivative instruments. “” is a formal, institutional part of his project, successfully operating in countries from the caucasus region and ready to enter global, especially western, markets.

In our opinion, the software for our speculation platform was created by some of the most talented and renowned financial engineering programmers in the world. Until recently the CSANI platform was accessible only through intranet networks, but now it is available to everyone with internet access (excluding the citizens of countries with foreign financial markets investments ban).

Due to various national tax organs abuse, CSANI does not cooperate with any third party institutions (especially country government and administration). CSANI does not report or inform about our clients’ operations, account balances, or profit on operations using financial instruments. The only exception is informing about CSANI internal money transfers if at least one of them was performed using a “CSANI money transfers” self-service kiosk (if a kiosk owner demands such information). The reason for this are the laws regulating the kiosks’ operations, that help counteract money laundering. These regulations are much more restrict than the ones regulating kiosks’ operations in Vanuatu. Our first kiosk chain operator asked us to implement such regulation so we introduced it to all of our - present and future - kiosk operators. If an operator documents such a demand with national law regulations we will only deliver the information regarding deposits and withdrawals.
Confidentiality of the derivative instruments operations’ history (not available to anyone, including “CSANI money transfers” kiosks’ operators) doesn’t change the fact that CSANI introduced very restrict procedures that help counteract money laundering - a lot more restrict than those implemented by banks. As mentioned before, CSANI does not report to any of the national tax organs although we support our clients with full and accurate information, account balance and operations history to help them fulfill the national tax laws and cooperate with the national tax organs.

Account types

CSANI platform offers 2 account types: an account identified by a login and password and an account identified by a Mac computer address.

Th first type can be created only on our website (“manage account” site). The second can be be created by logging in onto one of our investment platforms. The MAC account is automatically created for “CSANI money transfers” along with the traditional financial account (where all the CSANI financial instruments transactions can be managed) that is connected to it.

Creating both types of CSANI accounts does not require entering any personal data. Personal data can be submitted later (using the “manage account” option) or it can be uploaded automatically while transferring money from a user’s bank account.

After the personal data is submitted, it is impossible to edit the account owner’s name. It is also impossible to transfer money from a bank account that isn’t owned by the CSANI account owner. These transfers are immediately returned. Similarly, a CSANI account owner can not withdraw money to an account that isn’t owned by him or her.

1) „Login-Password” type of account

The basic type of account is a standard login-password account, with a password chosen by the account owner. To create this type of account users should fill the contact form (found under the “manage account” tab). User can authorize the account immediately or do it later. One has to remember that transferring money from a bank account to a newly created CSANI account will automatically add personal data to it (data of bank account’s owner). Once submitted, data can not be changed. The only exception to that rule is when the user’s personal data changes (but it has to be confirmed with official id scans).

A CSANI user can withdraw money to any IBAN bank account in the world, granted that this account belongs to this user. This disables the opportunity to withdraw money a from CSANI user, who’s login and password has been stolen.

2) A "MAC" Account

The other type of account is “Mac”. The system identifies the user by his computer’s Mac number (it is an actual, unique network card number – a card that is installed in all devices connected to a network). We introduced this account to answer to the needs of our clients (mostly from countries with no restrict foreign investments taxes). The login-password type of account wasn’t easy enough for them to use as they had to log in before each visit. To log in on Mac account, the user has to click the “derivatives platforms” tab and then choose logging to Mac account, without using a login or a password. Same applies to deposits – transferring money to CSANI users account demands entering the Mac number, that will identify user’s account. Users can withdraw money using their bank account number, the Mac number isn’t necessary.

Due to security issues, when withdrawing money from a Mac account, the bank account owner’s name has to be the same as the Mac account’s owner. The same rule applies to deposits – the bank account owner has to be the same person as the Mac account owner. If not, transferred money will be returned immediately. Connecting a user with an account happens the exact same way as it does with “login-password” accounts. Additionally, any registered user can create a Mac account, by clicking “manage account” and submitting the form with automatically entered personal data.

The mac account is not the safest one in terms of user’s privacy. If the Mac address is stolen, a thief can log onto a user’s account and make deals on CSANI platform. Despite this, th Mac account is consistently becoming more popular because its use is a lot easier than the standard login-password account. Mac accounts are gaining in popularity in countries where foreign investments are highly taxed. They are also popular in countries with strict fiscal policy. It is a common situation that one Mac account is shared among many users to invest on the derivative instruments market. It is legal under a country’s jurisdiction. Of course all users must settle they taxes and not hide their profit.

Client platforms types

All of the investment transactions applications offered to clients by CSANI have a common name - the “derivatives platform”. From the server’s point of view they are all the same, but to the user, they differently present the transaction process and the transaction finalization. All our types of platforms are shown under the “Derivatives platforms” tab in the “Demo inside www” or “Demo full screen” sections. Logged users can virtually invest up to 1000 PLN. The actual CSANI investment platforms (not made for demo purposes) look identically, with one exception - the user doesn’t invest virtual money but instead, the “CSANI money transfers” user’s own deposit.
Below, placed under “derivatives platforms”, users can find instructions describing the CSANI platform investments, terms of use and withdrawals visualizations. Choose the right platform icon’re all set!

System requirements

Each of the CSANI platforms is connected to at least one stock exchange listings’ server and one server with account data. Because of the fact that we deliver stock exchange listings in real time, the amount of data transferred is limited to the listings and necessary system data. The number of calculations that has to be done on a user’s device is very high, that’s why our minimum system requirements are: 2 core processor, 2.5 GHh, 3 GB RAM.

All of the CSANI applications use a JAVA environment. You can download the last JAVA update here: JAVA. Please download JAVA 6.0 or higher.

“Actual best trades” view

On, under the “Actual best trades” tab users can find our visualisation - what would their profit be if they had invested a specific amount of money at a specific moment in time.

It’s kind of a guide book for CSANI users. It explains how to invest and make money using CSANI platforms. It’s also an incentive for website visitors to open a CSANI account.


CSANI investment platform does not charge a commission on transactions done on the derivatives transaction markets. Our profit is included in the option price, that users are willing to pay. It is our goal to keep the commission no higher than 10% of the expected average price of this option. However we reserve ourselves the right to increase our commission up to 20% of the expected average price of the option, if our clients’ profits endanger our financial safety levels. Whenever our clients struggle with a series of unprofitable transactions, we decrease our commission, even down to 1%.

In other words, CSANI does not charge any investments on the derivatives instruments market. In exchange, we reserve ourselves the right to set the levels at which options reach specific payouts. This allows us to maintain the CSANI infrastructure.

Please take into consideration, that it is impossible to change the levels of option payouts after closing the transaction. From the moment the user clicks the “BET+” or “BET-” buttons, he can be assured that the levels of option payouts will remain the same until the moment the transaction is performed. The situation, in which the levels can be changed, is when the user does not have any open transactions on his investment platform.

Cooperation with MTKiosk

In 2010, at the beginning of August, we started working with the Polish multifunctional online kiosks’ operator - (“Money Transfer Kiosk”). MTKiosk basic role is to enable easy money transfers. Users can enter an amount, receiver’s personal data, IBAN number, client’s name and transfer title. Additionally, MTKiosks share API with third parties, enabling transactions to book immediately, independently of bank’s booking sessions etc. “CSANI money transfers” users have permanent access to their current deposits.
One of our favorite things about MTKiosks is the application that we developed together. It allows “CSANI money transfers” users to make withdrawals by simply entering their login and password or (if the account type is “Mac”) Mac address.

For every „CSANI Money transfers” account we have automatically enabled MTKiosk withdrawals and deposits option. If a user doesn’t want this option to be enabled, it can be turned off. In this case please contact us through our contact form (accessible in the “Manage account” section), selecting “Other” from the help subjects list.

MTKiosks’ deposits and withdrawals are treated differently than standard bank account deposits and withdrawals. An MTKiosk user can be an anonymous, so a deposit doesn’t assign user data to the CSANI account. The only exception to that rule, is when the kiosk operator delivers such data to CSANI stating that it is verified. Amounts of money being transferred by kiosks are strictly limited by local laws in order to counteract money laundering.

MTKiosks also offer pre paid phone payments, money exchange services(over 100 currencies), donations to non-profits and other paid services. Transferring money with “CSANI money transfers” is free for CSANI users – CSANI covers all the costs. That’s why MTKiosks are always connected to the CSANI website – by selecting “Manage account” our users can withdraw money to any foreign account.

We ask MTKiosk operators to display information about “CSANI money transfers” to encourage kiosk users to transfer money through CSANI services.

We kindly inform that MTKiosks are currently available only in Poland. For more information please visit MTKiosk’s website.

The future

CSANI is the author of two independant patent applications in the area of offering derivative financial instruments. In particular, our area of security covers the following two technical solutions:

1) the visualization of the structure of the withdrawal and the “lifespan” via a graph and two levels of completion seen on the sides and withdrawals matching those levels, used in the transaction platform of the broker of the option with discrete withdrawals structure. This technique relies on displaying a graph for the user in real time and, in relation to this graph, the two levels of completion of an option in real time (seen on both sides).
This technique also consists of the sliding of the horizontal segment representing the lifespan of an option along the graph when the user has the ownership of such an option, and – in the moment of the option’s completion – visually highlighting the highest level of withdrawal that the graph passed upon the option’s completion (this withdrawal thus being a money withdrawal of the option);
2) the technique based on visualizing the lasting time and the payoff of any financial instrument with animations known from hazard games. An example of this technique in use are the visualizations of an option’s lifespan, used in the investing platforms of the CSANI broker, that can show the lifespan of the option and the payoff with the use of “drum games”, known before exclusively to the world of hazard. At the moment of acquiring an option, the drums start spinning and, at the moment of it’s completion, the drums stop, giving a winning combination that gives the exact same prize as the option;

Due to the patent restriction described here in point 2), when the protection period starts, we will be the only institution in the world having the legal right to “dress” financial instruments in visualizations based on popular hazard games.

In particular, we already have ideas for substituting the chance element with the element related to events on the financial market in sport card games with a chance element (like Poker, for instance). We’re also able to base almost all traditional casino gains on the logic of financial instruments in a way, that makes the structure of the payoff of the new game is identical to the original original hazard game.
Due to the fact that for operating in the area of derivative financial instruments we have an appropriate legal license in Vanuatu, and the fact that a stationary operation outside of Vanuatu requires a license for stock-broker activities in the country of its location, we inform you, that we’re interested in cooperating with institutions owning such licences, in the goal of creating a joint stationary casino, based entirely on the logic of financial instruments.

(*)CALL is an option, with which one plays predicting that the underlying instrument’s value is going to increase and one will receive the payment (the bigger the increase, the bigger the payment).
(**)PUT is an option, with which one plays predicting that the underlying instrument’s value is going to decrease and one will receive the payment (the bigger the decrease, the bigger the payment).