Below, we present a special communication panel that can be used by users for communicating with us. Due to security concerns, we it is impossible to send us orders regarding a specific account from an email address. This not secure due to the possibility of third parties getting a hold of the information, and the possibility of imitating somebody’s email address (which a lot of programmers can easily do). For those reasons, we present this panel as means for users to send orders. It uses the best available methods of cyphering information.

User’s orders like “set account holder details” (or “create account” with the checked option “also set account holder details”), "request account statement", "request withdraw" and "other" will be answered within 24 hours, onto the declared email address (if the user declared one). Other orders will be answered onto email only if it’s necessary. Please keep in mind that answers to questions about “account statement” or information about the progress in realizing the withdrawal are sent onto the declared email within 24 hours from receiving them. WE NEVER SEND AUTOMATIC EMAILS. We hate receiving those ourselves, so in turn, we never send them.

Questions not related to specific accounts should be addressed to:

For the proper functioning of the program the latest Java Software needs to be installed, and your Internet browser does not have it installed.
If you want to instal the latest Java Software now CLICK HERE.
In the “” project, Dinamic Derivatives LTD is maintained financially (in the area of payments and withdrawals) by a daughter-company “CSANI INVEST AND TRADE LIMITED”, registered in the Republic of Seychelles, and having a bank account in the Republic of Lithuania. The transfers of assets should be made to this account:

Suite 15 1st Fl. Oliaji Trade Center Francis Rachel Str.1004 Mahe Seychelles
account number: 154467957 "Snoras Bank" Lithuania
IBAN: LT74 0075 8001 5446 7957
Bank swift code: SNORLT22
and through the following financial intermediaries:

adress of general office:
A. Vivulskio Str. 7, LT-03221 Vilnius, Lithuania
AB bankas SNORAS Vilnius Branch:
A. Vivulskio 7/6, LT-03221 Vilnius, Lithuania
bank telephone:
+ 370 5 232 7193
Please remember that the name of the person initiating the transfer must be the same as the name of the account holder. If the account doesn’t yet have a name of it’s owner assigned to it, then as soon as we get the assets transfered to us, the name will be automatically set to match the name of the person making the transfer.
In the title of the transfer, please provide the login, if the assets are being sent to a “login-password” type acount, or the mac address of your computer, if the assets are sent to a “mac” type account. If possible, please include the full name of the account owner into the transfer’s title, so in case of a mistake in your login/mac address, the transfer will be assigned correctly, regardless.