The investing platform „CSANI 3 REELS OF FRUITS full reels” is a combination of two options offered by CSANI, presented in a way often seen in hazard games. Starting the platform, the user sees a panel with a fullscreen view of the “reels”, a graph above it, and navigation buttons below. By clicking “BUY” we enter into ownership of the same CSANI option, that we’d own by clicking “BUY STRANGLE OPTION (up and down)” in the app "CSANI main client BET+-" having set the time of the option at 1 second, the number of payouts (or “payments”) set at 22, and the base instrument as “USD index”. Before the user begins using the fullscreen option of the games with the fullscreen, stretched-out reel visualization, we advise to realize what kind of option we’re investing in, by trying out the settings described above in the "CSANI main client BET+-" game.

At the moment of starting an investment, it gets visualized on the graph above and the „reels" start spinning. At the moment when a payment of an option is set, the platform allows the user to stop all the reels at once by pressing the „HOLD” button, that appears at this moment in the place of the „BUY” button. The reels stop, giving a combination with the exact same payment as the one set by the option. Furthermore, when the reels stop, you can see the total duration of the option (from the moment of it’s purchase to the moment of it’s execution) at the close-up of the graph on the right side of the reels. The close-up also displays 22 levels of the execution of an option, which gives us a good look at the moment in time where the option was completed and what withdrawal is linked to it.

The pressed "AUTO BUY" button has the same effect as the continuously pressed „BUY STRANGLE OPTION (up and down)” button in the "CSANI main client BET+-" app and from the level of the CSANI system it’s just as recognizable.

Every „game” being a visualization of the payoff of the option, chooses (at the moment of setting the payoff) a combination of reels for the amount of payoff, from all the reels that give that exact payoff. Each reel “game” has strictly specified “reels” – the amount of consecutive icons on all the “reels” is a specified and constant. Each reel displays the list of icons from start to finish when it spins, and when it reaches the last one, the first one from the order is next in line. For each reel game like “CSANI 3 REELS OF FRUITS full reels” and the payoffs they generate, we hold a list of combinations of the reels positions that give the reel game the kind of payoffs equal to the ones we’d acquire from the options. You can familiarize yourself with the way we choose the combinations specific to each payment by reading this document.

At the moment of starting an investment, it gets visualized on the graph above and the „reels" start spinning. At the moment when a payment of the option is set, the platform allows the user to stop each of the reel by releasing the “HOLD” buttons placed below them.

The amount of payments is set by the CSANI option itself, and the knowledge of how the “reels” will settle doesn’t bring anything into this equation. If you’re interested in the reel algorithm, though, please read the document mentioned above.

If the option we own gave us a non-zero payoff, we have the possibility to double our prize by locating the won amount into another option. To do this, once you have the prize set and displayed, press the “Gamble” button that will appear right next to the “STAKE” button. Clicking on this button will take us to the cards view. The cards view is based on the logic of the option we could own by using the "CSANI main client BET+ BET-" platform and setting the option to the 1 second lasting time, 1 possible payoff and the base instrument “USD index”. The amount “won” in the reel view is then used as the stake of this option, and by clicking “BLACK” we claim ownership of the CALL option (so it’s exactly the same as with clicking "BUY CALL (up)“), while clicking “RED” we claim ownership of the PUT option (same as clicking “BUY PUT (down)“. When the payoff is set, in the middle of the screen a card appears, in the same color as the one that was set as a result of the logic presented above (if the transaction ended with a success, then the card is set in the same color as the one we clicked upon acquiring this option, but if the payoff of the option is set at “0”, then the card will be in the opposite color). The prizes won in this option can be reinvested, which is commonly known as “anteing up”. This way we can multiply our prize several times (the maximum amount is five). If investing in this binary option proves to be non-profitable, then please remember that the often high stakes needed to invest into acquiring it and the possibility of losing it if the investment puts us at a disadvantage.

Since for each of the two types of displayed cards colors (black and red) there can be two different figures (spades and clubs for black, and hearts and diamonds for red), to choose one of these options we use an algorithm similar to the one used for the reels. You can familiarize yourself with the algorithm in this document (the choice of cards is described in point 4.). Also, just like in the case of the reels, it doesn’t make any difference from the prizes’ and their amounts’ perspective, but if you’re interested in this algorithm, we invite you to read the above document.